Django Rest Framework LaTeX Renderer

This is a Django Rest Framework renderer which produces LaTeX PDFs.

It's maintained by Pebble (S/F Software) and is used in production in our software.

Getting Started


We use lualtex to render your documents. To get this on Ubuntu:

sudo aptitude install texlive-latex-extra texlive-xetex

Note: This will probably take some time due to the size of LaTeX (around 1GB)


The LATEX_RESOURCES directory contains the base template environment e.g. any images or static resources to include in your template. This must be set for the renderer to work:

LATEX_RESOURCES = '/home/user/path_to_resources'

This works just like TemplateHTMLRenderer but by setting a latex_name on your view:

from rest_framework import viewsets

from rest_framework_latex import renderers

class SomeViewSet(viewsets.ViewSet):
  renderer_classes = [

  latex_name = 'directory/latexfile.tex'

Django Compatibility

The REST Framework LaTeX plugin is compatible with Django 1.9 and up and Django REST Framework 3.3 and up.